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Galitsin news movie

The women in this piss bukkake site. For example, in one scene Betty who you might remember from German goo girls or GGG starts of by fisting the asshole of a skanky blonde who thrusts it upwards while lying on her back. Once the hole is gaping, she proceeds to piss into it. Needless to say most of the piss falls onto the blonde’s face. Several guys join in the fun by letting out their own drizzle of gold on both sluts. By the end of the scene, the piss-drenched girls have drank pee, licked it off each other, shared it mouth-to-mouth, while constantly hollering in ecstasy as if in some sort of hidden area. The voyeur nature of the pee fetish. Clinically it is referred to as golden showers, voyeur pee, pee drinking and watersports1. Urophilia is a form of paraphilia, which is a sexual attraction to something that may not involve reciprocation for another party2. It’s also commonly used to refer to sexual activities that are considered outside of the norm – so basically anything you find listed on this site! As far as the quality of the movies are a lot of superfluous action in the scenes.Galitsin news movie

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